How to keep my laptop cool while gaming- (9 Important tips)


Topic: How to keep my laptop cool while gaming?

A gaming laptop is a pretty amazing option for gamers as it’s portable and easy to carry around your friend’s house to have fun with team gaming sessions.

The device needs to be top-performing all the time whether you are doing gaming, video editing, or using it for designing purposes, all these tasks require suitable components to run your system.

As result manufacturers have to add a strong CPU and GPU into your laptop that is different from regular laptops, and due to constant pressure on your machine it intends to heat up quickly.

This can make you worry a lot as it can harm the durability of the laptops, now you have to be practical about one thing gaming laptops will heat up during use it’s pretty normal but it should not constantly run above 90-95 degrees.

Anything above this will be a serious concern, however luckily there are a few tips you can use to keep the laptop cool during long hours of gaming sessions, so let’s not waste time and start discussing tips on how to keep gaming laptop cool?

How to keep my laptop cool while gaming?

How to keep my laptop cool while gaming

1. Using a flat surface is a must:

This is the basic step yet one of the best ways to keep a gaming laptop cool during, rather you should never use the laptop on your lap or for that matter any uneven surface, yea I know for comfort we all like to keep it on our thighs while operating but it actually harms your laptops longevity and at the same lags the performance.

Every laptop now days built with intake fans which are largely at the underside of your laptop, the machine intakes cool air and exhaust out hot air which keeps your laptop cool during usage, so if you use the laptop on your lap or bed, sofa then you actually end up blocking the air intake.

As result your device is not able to get cool air to absorb inside which makes your gaming laptop heats up and it keeps building as long as you are using it, this can be a very big issue if you do not fix it also functionality decreases so make sure to use always desk or nice table to put your laptop, this will allow it to breathe in good cool air.


2. Try using cooling pads

This is another best way to keep your laptop cool during heavy gaming, this actually provides your machine flat surface, also the inbuilt cooling fans make sure to enter cooling air into the device faster, it is a very effective way to minimize hot temperature and enhances the productivity of your gameplay.

Moreover, while getting the best cooling pad always measure the size of the laptop specifically the bottom part and choose the pad accordingly, as a cooling pad comes in different shapes and sizes which is not fit under every machine so double-check before purchasing one for you, cooling pad is available in the very cheaper price you can get pads budget range from $20 to above $50.


3. Cleaning inner parts:

In order to keep the laptop up and running smoothly, you have to take a few efforts as well, see with time dust starts to enter the inner components through in-built fans, now the air is essential for keeping the laptop cool but unfortunately, you can not control dust build-up.

If you do not pay attention to this dust can start to build up in your hardware and it can get worst which leads to choking air intake, though it’s a very simple step to clean inner parts if you are not comfortable you can take help of an expert who knows how to clean laptop.

 The best material to use for cleaning is compressed air, you can use this it’s pretty much safe for laptops you just have to spray near fan intakes yet as I said you can take help of technician if you have decided to do by your self you can watch below video to do it.

This is the most significant method that can keep your laptop cool, you can not avoid it, you should do it regularly once a month if possible or within 3-4 months, watch this simple guide from CNET.


4. Keep room cool while using

The temperature of your room or environment also plays role in heating a gaming laptop, firstly try not to use it outdoors as there you can not control the heat issues yet for regular work you can use, try to keep sunlight away as much as possible.

For instance, few things are not in our hands such as the natural environment, and gaming laptop heats up immensely in humid places or during summers, again you must keep in mind that laptop takes the surrounding air to keep them cool so you should try to keep room temperature minimal.

Remember that for any tasks where your laptop uses processing power a lot the laptop will start heating up, and especially while gaming you are machine operates on both graphics and processor power which consumes huge power push your laptop to its extreme limit during heavy working.

You can always try using air conditioners and if you do not have access to keep fans near you this will definitely help the machine to be in acceptable temperatures and you will not have to suffer on your performance.


5. Check the fan settings 

The next step you can take is to see the fan settings, by now you must have realized that the role of the fan is the biggest factor to keep the machine cool, now I do agree that high fan speed creates noise that can be irritating sometimes and many gamers prefer to keep fan speed as low as possible.

This is the biggest mistake we make while operating a laptop, especially a task such as a video editing, gaming, 3D modeling, and rendering starts to put pressure on the laptop which can lead to thermal throttling that reduces the frequency usage drastically, your CPU and GPU starts to underperform and at times the machine can crush or slowdowns.

Though this is just a scenario I am explaining to make you understand the importance of utilizing fan speed, this is too pretty easy and does not require any technical knowledge, all modern laptops do come with inbuilt software you can go into the setting and set up fan settings easily.

Moreover, if you have not yet bought a gaming laptop and planning to do so, then this tip will help you to choose a perfect gaming laptop with the best cooling system, every brand does describe the inner features of their laptop model.

You just have to make sure the fans are placed opposite to each other and not beside each other, budget gaming laptops may come with twin built-in fans but if you are spending on laptops then the higher number of fans will be better for cooling.


6. Shut unnecessary programs

This is the biggest step you should take now to keep your laptop cooling system working fine, see we do not notice these small aspects while using it, we all on daily basis do a lot of work, in case you download any applications or software unknowingly we do not shut them and they actually keep using the resources in the background.

This is a very simple trick and does not need any technical guidance you just have to go on your task manager and you can see how many applications are running in the background, however, check them properly.

If you are not using some of them you can delete them or just use the disabled option to stop temporary usage, this will not only enhance the cooling factor but also help boost performance as your ram gets more space to save temporary data while you are using a laptop, this Trimors video is a quick guide for you.


7. Check thermal paste 

The thermal paste applied to laptop CPU, its little silver and greyish substance plays a big role in keeping your laptop cool, even though this paste can work for more than 3 years but a lot depends on usage.

The paste over the cause of time dries and result device becomes less efficient to dissipate heat, this can cause serious damage to your machine.

This is like servicing you are giving to your laptop so check once if any issue with thermal paste and apply it if necessary to see results, you can just take guidance from the below video made by FSixTech.


8. Keep Moderate gaming settings:

 Most the laptop comes with certain settings where you can set up frame rates and also keep the gaming at low, mid, high, and ultra-high settings, try not to put settings high unnecessarily as few of the games do not require high settings you can still manage to get the maximum frame rate.

This you must try to test out, to begin with how it performs as it can really help you to keep gaming sessions smooth and you can also run it for a slightly longer time


9. Undervolting the CPU can be solution:

The gaming laptops are meant for heavy tasks so in-built CPU design with high processing power and most of them are largely built-in with 45watts TDP additionally even it has a separate graphics card that too takes a lot of power.

Just try to minimize the voltage of your CPU, you have to decide when to increase and decrease it as it all depends on your workflow, however, this is a very useful method to reduce heat, try to keep it at an acceptable range as sometimes machine can lag if you put on the lowest, this quick video from Kevin shroff can help you to manage CPU undervolting.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do cooling pads really help to game the laptop?

Yes, cooling pads are the best ways to keep a gaming laptop cool it’s an immediate solution as it has built flat surfaces and built-in fans ensure to the intake of air which effectively reduces heat but again you need to find more solutions to check what is the exact issue before it becomes harmful and does not overuse it, only tries use while doing heavy tasks such as play games or 4k editing.


Is every gaming laptop heat?

As discussed above gaming laptops have two components that function at the same time, they have huge processing consumption be it CPU or GPU, the temperature around 80-85 degrees is pretty acceptable, and sometimes even 90 degrees fine if it fluctuates and goes down.

But if it is constantly heating 90 degrees or above and you witness drop or thermal throttling then you need to follow a few steps and try to drop heating, you can read the above tips for a gaming laptop to keep cool.


Conclusion and advice:

As I discussed above at the beginning you have to accept the fact that gaming laptops will heat more than other laptops that are meant for normal day-to-day tasks, but if your laptop constantly heating above 90 degrees then it’s a big concern for you, up to 80-85 it’s pretty much fine but still, you must follow few steps from the beginning in order to keep the laptop cool.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the laptop away from overheating, however, the suggestion is if you are a casual gamer and wants a machine for video editing, or you are an engineering student you can get a laptop that has a dedicated GPU with Max-Q design.

The Max-Q design consumes less power while using it so your laptop won’t heat as high as in powerful GPU, and for heavy gamers, this is not going to be an option as you need maximum power-consuming GPU, the instant option is to use cooling pads but try and use only while gaming as overuse can also damage laptops durability.

I am sure this guide will help you to reduce heating issues from your laptop, still, if you have any queries you can comment below our team will help you, and also if you can share your thoughts on it.


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