Gaming laptop vs Normal laptop which is better in 2022?


Are you in two minds about either going with a normal laptop or a gaming laptop then you are at the right place In this comprehensive post we are going to discuss the difference between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop?

However, gaming laptops are a smart piece of investment as there are many things you can do that you won’t be able to do on regular laptops, you can use a gaming machine for work such as designing, editing videos, playing games, and also it is capable of handling task such as machine learnings.

At glance it all seems fine with gaming laptops and there are no second thoughts on its performance abilities, usually meant for graphical intensive work, therefore though the functionality and hardware manufacture use the same as regular laptops with few improvisations to boost things faster for a smooth experience.

Whereas normal laptops are good for day-to-day work like word and excel Processing, creating presentations, web browsing, watching movies, and working on accounting software, they are also suitable for taking notes, also these regular laptops are very portable due to their sleekness and weight as gaming laptops are slightly heavier.

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Gaming laptop vs Normal laptop which is better in 2022?

Gaming laptop vs Normal laptop

Graphics processing unit:

As gaming laptops have separate graphics cards near the motherboard mostly with their memory system, it has the capacity to deliver efficient performance while playing games or doing any graphically challenging work such as video and photo editing or working on graphics designing and animation.

The normal laptops too a built-in GPU but a large number of models come with a lower-powered GPU that is attached to its CPU, in simple terms GPU is overall dependent on the CPU so it has to go through a long process before delivering images on the screen, therefore normal laptops are not preferable for intensive gaming sessions.

However, there are few regular business notebooks built with dedicated GPU still they are not as efficient as gaming laptops GPU as things like TGP and clock speed also plays a big role in delivering smooth and crisp images.

The TGP comprehended as “Total graphics power” is pretty strong in gaming devices from 60watts to above 130watts, this results in a far better viewing experience, this is a major difference between these laptops.

Conclusion: The gaming laptop is a winner when it comes to video cards as it has an individual memory system, but it is not necessary for everyone it depends on users’ intent if your aim is to do day-to-day regular tasks like data entry, presentations, the research you can opt for I-GPU instead of d-GPU.

Winner: Gaming laptop.

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Central processing unit:

The computer system will be brainless if it does not embed with the CPU, it has sole responsibility to process all the information to run your system according to your needs.

For instance, choosing the right CPU is tricky and a lot depends on the kind of work you do, for example, if you are a digital marketer, you are pretty much fine with mid-budget laptops meant for day-to-day work, whereas game developer needs a high-powered device to run demanding applications smoothly.

The gaming laptops are usually designed with high-end processors than normal laptops, as GPU machine needs the strong support of a processor to tackle all the demanding computing task on daily basis, regular laptops are not meant for heavy usage so the manufacturers use underclocked CPUs to serve the purpose to work on basic applications and files.

Moreover, as I said it’s a very complicated situation, and can make mistake by selecting the wrong device if you are not aware of the technical aspects of processors, though brands do mention in specifications that either laptop is meant for gaming.

Gaming laptop equipped with strong TDP up to 45watts additionally even in a low budget gaming machines offers you a minimum of 4 cores whereas in normal laptops the TDP is 15watts and cores are dependent on the budget you will have options of 2dual core to octa cores.

For instance, high-end gaming laptops even offer up to 12 cores of processor support that makes them ultra-quick you can easily run multiple applications with over 20 tabs open for web browsing.

There are certain forms and ending you must have noticed in each laptop where processer model specifications are mentioned, the letters such as H, K, HQ, HK, and HS,  specifically used for gaming laptops, and for normal laptops processors model number ends with suffixes like U, T, G or Y, however, to make you understand some of the processor’s examples as below.

Gaming laptops: Intel core i5 10300H, i7-11800H, AMD Ryzen 5600H, AMD Ryzen 5600H, i9-12900H.and AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX.

Normal laptops: AMD Ryzen 5500U,4500U, 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7, Core i3-1115G4, and Core i7-1065G7.

Conclusion: The gaming processors are 5 times faster than their counterparts keeping them above the regular laptops, in case you are a creator, of streaming, professional design, or editing you must consider the gaming laptops sheer due to their capability to manage the pressure in any possibilities.

Winner: Gaming laptop 

Random-access memory: 

The ram saves the temporary data in your system while working on the device, without this you won’t be able to perform a single task, more ram means you can open multiple software, files, and tabs, and it increases the efficiency of your game or any other work.

The choosing right amount of ram is crucial for any type of computing system, the speed of the memory also needs to check, however, gaming laptops usually come with a minimum of 8GB ram whereas regular using laptops start with 4GB.

Additionally, the frequency of memory speed is highly optimized for multi-tasking, there are many regular laptops that also has good speed to give you a good multi-tasking experience, yet gaming laptop offers solid performance, there are 16GB to 32GB ram available in the gaming laptops makes them beast you can run any heaviest applications smoothly.

Conclusion: Both types of machines come with 8GB-16GB ram, the selecting memory depending on what kind of work you do, the ram in gaming laptop definitely has the edge in terms of efficiency.

I would suggest always picking 8GB laptops no matter what device you choose, additionally, the modern equipment comes with an upgradeable slot for the future this is also considered during your decision making.

Winner: Though gaming laptop has more efficient and larger ram support yet in regular laptops too offer you 8-16GB ram up to 3200Mhz speed with an upgradable slot makes it tie.

Screen quality and refresh rate:

Why are gaming laptops so expensive

The big difference between a gaming laptop vs normal laptop is its screen refresh rate, the manufacturers have to make the display frame rate faster as modern latest games are fast-paced so the screen needs to refresh faster to deliver smooth visual quality.

The regular laptops come with a 60hz refresh rate which is not recommended for gaming yet it is pretty much enough for daily working, but for gameplay, you must have a minimum of 120hz, however, the gaming machines come up to 360hz refresh rate makes them an ideal choice if you want to play games.

Additionally, if you are a designer then color accuracy is a very essential aspect of your daily routine, though gaming laptops do come with 100% Srgb color gamut these are quite expensive, and in normal laptops, there are few options below 1000 dollars but again as design professional, you also need dedicated GPU so it can become the pretty tricky situation, but you can also manage with eternal monitors that have higher color accuracy.

Conclusion: The higher refresh rate is only needed if you are in too high-end gaming where you play E-sports or multi-player games, additionally for the latest video play you must have a good frame rate to run it on 60FPS at mid-high settings, for normal tasks 60hz is more than enough.

Winner: A gaming laptop is a better choice if you want to play games, otherwise for normal work 60hz is pretty much fine even if you can watch high-resolution videos just make sure the screen comes with Full HD resolution and not HD quality, however just due to its higher refresh rate gaming laptop has upper hand over regular laptops.

Battery life:

The gaming laptops have high-powered components, as a result, it also consumes a lot of battery and has average battery life even during normal usage they can last between 3-4 hours, and while gaming they even drain a lot quicker.

Whereas regular laptops deliver long battery backup above 5 hours to even 10 hours, however, all this depends on the intensity of your work, and its quite evident that these machines will have longer battery back up as it has underclocked processors with integrated GPU that do not put a lot of stress on the device.

Conclusion: If you need a high processing system you have to surface in terms of battery backup, moreover if you are a frequent traveler or student and do not run any heavy applications then regular machines are preferred for your day-to-day activities.

Winner: Regular laptop.

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Cooling technology: 

Both laptops have their own cooling technology as inner components heat while operating, furthermore, the hardware functionality and system has largely different, gaming laptops use a lot of power from their CPU and GPU, especially while gaming or rendering big 3D videos or files.

The manufacturers have to add extra fans and pipes to control heating, and regular laptops do heat but comparatively, it stays quite cool, also the gaming laptop has a dedicated GPU that generates heat so to control its gaming device is furnished with an advanced cooling system.

Conclusion: For instance, gaming laptops do have improved and better venting systems yet they heat up more than their counterparts, while gaming can go beyond 80-85 degrees is acceptable.

But if it is affecting your performance then you need to take a few steps to control heat we have written a detailed article on gaming laptops with the best cooling system you can read here to know more.

Winner: Though gaming laptop has advanced technology yet it generates a lot of heat so the winner is normal laptops.

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Design and build:

The build material is mostly used similarly in both types of machines, for instance, expensive laptops have better quality than lower-range laptops, the major difference is their design and look.

The gaming laptops come with a lot of funky design with a lot of cuts, sharp and shiny logos with lighting that creates your game studio look like one, the regular laptops have a more aesthetic yet sophisticated professional look that you can carry for client meetings.

Winner: Tie as it depends on your purpose.


Furthermore, adding more to the beauty of the gaming machine they are equipped with multiple fancy colors on the keyboard with advanced technology used for making keys as responsive as possible so there should not be an issue of pressing buttons harder during your gameplay.

Some of the high-end devices let you set up color according to your liking, though on a low budget you will have single color backlit keyboard yet it will have far better quality keys compared to regular laptops, additionally, modern normal laptops are also designed with backlit support but mostly it will have white color keyboard lights that you can not adjust.

Winner: Gaming laptops.


A large number of users purchase a laptop for its portability and ease of carrying anywhere, both options solve this issue of portability, as desktops are worked on electricity it restricts you at one place.

The gaming machines are quite heavy the average weight is between 2kgs to 2.20kgs puts the stress on your shoulders while going outdoors, still, it’s understandable as under the device you have few extra components compared to regular laptops, the features such as graphics card, extra fans to cool your laptop makes it little bulkier.

There are thin and light gaming laptops available nowadays that can weigh up to 1.70kgs but those are more like creator laptops, as thing gaming laptops made with MAX-Q graphics card to lighten then weight and it also consumes less power that results in better battery life.

Regular laptops are meant for professionals who have to carry the device with them mostly so to make them portable brands keep them as light as possible and design too very sleek so they can fit into the backpack easily.

Winner: Normal laptops.

Connectivity and ports:

The gamers need multiple connectives so they can connect to other accessories and external monitors, therefore, gaming devices are equipped with almost all the ports such as display, HDMI, USB type C, and other USB ports, still, a lot depends on a budget in the higher range you will get SD card reader and fast wireless connectivity with the latest technology.

Usually, the normal laptops too come with decent ports but they will have a smaller number of USB ports compared to gaming laptops, also for wireless support, you get wif-6 and Bluetooth 5.1 technology depending on price and model.

Budget and pricing: 

Finally, the budget and pricing is the key factor between a gaming laptop vs normal laptop, if you have decided to set up a gaming machine then as of now you must have a minimum budget of around 650-700 dollars for streaming or playing the latest titles you need to spend above 1100-1200 dollars.

The normal laptops are quite budget-friendly ranging from 300 to beyond 1000 dollars, moreover, to get a good laptop I will suggest spending 500 dollars or above, as in this range laptops are available with a good CPU, 8GB ram and SSD drives keep loading system fast.

Overall gaming laptops are quite more expensive than their counterparts as it takes a lot of effort and research to make robust machines, additionally, as I have discussed above these types of devices have extra hardware added by the manufacturers making them powerful to work on heavy tasks.

Winner: This is depending on your purpose for playing games you need a dedicated graphics card with good support from screen refresh rate, CPU, and Ram, yet from a budget point of view regular laptops have the upper hand.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

Yes, gaming laptops are usable on day to day basis, as it has sufficient power to handle all the task in fact they are a pretty strong contender for those who have to open more than one application, file, and web tabs.

There are a few drawbacks of gaming laptops as we have discussed above, they are quite heavy and battery life is pretty low compared to other laptops meant for businesses.


Can you use the regular laptop for gaming?

Yes, if your laptops meet the requirement to play games you should always check the system requirements for a particular video game, but do not consider the minimum requirement as they will run it with a lot of lag and stuttering always go with recommended settings.

However, games like Roblox, Fortnite, Valorant, and GTA5 are compatible with regular machines, but if you want to play modern titles released after 2018 then you need a dedicated gaming laptop as new games require graphics card and CPU support with memory.


Can you upgrade a normal laptop for a gaming laptop?

The laptops come with upgradability options for hard drive and ram, this too depending on each model, unfortunately, you cannot replace the CPU and GPU in laptops however you are left with very limited options for upgrading normal machine for gaming, still if the laptop is not hardware demanding.

If your laptop features such as a processor from AMD Ryzen 5500U or 10th gen intel core i5 with an upgradable ram slot then you can optimize your regular device to play casual games, but again for the latest video games you must need a proper gaming setup.


Does a gaming laptop reduce battery life?

The gaming laptop is meant for heavy working where you can work on big applications and gaming too very computing hungry task, the CPU and GPU drains a lot of battery even on regular use it consumes your laptop’s battery that definitely affects overall hours of the laptop, but somewhere you have to manage either with performance or battery and in gaming machines you have to sacrifice its battery backup.


Is a gaming laptop better than a regular laptop?

This is depending on your purpose if you are going to use it for normal official tasks then regular laptops are better than gaming, but if you do a lot of editing, gaming, or run heavy software like blender, AutoCAD then a gaming laptop is wort for your needs.

Final words: 

So, in this detailed guide we have discussed gaming laptop vs normal laptop, well a lot of factors make gaming laptops a better choice but it does not mean regular laptops are not worth it, as I said above it’s totally about your needs and aim.

However, if your battery life and portability matter then regular laptops are better than gaming devices, whereas for demanding tasks normal laptops are not worth buying, I am sure this post help you to make your decision as we have covered each point in this post still if you have any query post your comments we will guide you.

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