Can you upgrade gaming laptops? (Best solutions)


Let me guess you have a gaming laptop but configurations are not suitable for running your game and you are looking for upgrading your machine to extend its support for a few more years, well in this post I am going to answer all your questions on can you upgrade gaming laptops?

Well, I understand that you must be wondering how to start optimizing your gaming machine to boost the performance limit on your gaming sessions, however, I have some good news and at the same time there are a few limitations that may sound disappointing to your plans.

Upgrading a gaming laptop at some level is possible yet there is a large number of models that do not let you replace the CPU and GPU as it is mostly soldered with the motherboard, whereas nowadays modern gaming laptops do come with ram and hard drive up-gradation slot that can enhance your gaming performance.

However, the graphics card and processor are the main elements that increase the efficiency of the device that is a little tricky to replace, even if it is possible the cost of the replacement is quite hefty, moreover the brand like Alienware does make upgradable gaming laptops but again the brand is one of the premium options their products are expensive that not everyone can afford.

Now there are a few steps you can take to upgrade your laptop for gaming, that we will discuss below and we have some great solutions that can work incredibly well for making your gaming laptop smooth to play your game.

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Which things you must consider before upgrading your gaming laptops?

Can you upgrade gaming laptops
Upgrading your laptop is not as easy as it seems, as they are built in very different compared to a desktop PC, moreover you need to check the motherboard of your gaming laptop first, best practice is to contact the brand and discuss with them either your existing device has upgradability feature and always do not forget about the warranty period.

As if your device is still under the brand warranty then better to skip the process, or take the laptop to the service center and have a discussion with them in detail, moreover for cheap budget laptops it’s not easy to replace components yet ram and the hard drive is an easier way to upgrade depends on the model to model.

This is very important not to violate any terms and conditions of the warranty as at any stage if you get any issue then you have to utilize the period to repair or fix the issue whenever it occurs, also if you are planning to buy a new device then make sure to read the specifications before taking any decision also for flexibility upgradability I suggest PC over laptop especially if portability is not the matter for you.

Additionally, you must decide on your budget as high-end components are quite expensive, and in case your plan is to play any video game that is released recently you need to consider the right combination of CPU and GPU, as a video game can experience bottleneck in case laptop getting strong support from graphics card but the processor is lagging, as both ensures to generate strong gaming sessions.

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Can you upgrade gaming laptops?

Ram memory

The simplest and quickest way to keep your existing gaming laptop ready to enhance game performance is to extend the memory support, as Random-access memory stores your data efficiently while you are working or playing games.

However, to permanently store any data you need to save it in a hard drive, whereas ram memory is a small chip that temporarily stores your all information while you are active on any project, this is basically helping the CPU to approach as quickly as possible.

The good thing is nowadays all the modern laptops and gaming laptops do come with upgradeable slots and it’s not that expensive either to replace your ram, yet some of the older models or cheap devices are equipped with a soldered ram so always check twice.

Now if your present old machine has the dual type of memory slot then it’s fantastic as two slots increase your gaming performance incredibly, as it works separately that speed up the process, the upgradability is dependent on the models overall you get laptops from 16-64GB extended slot.

Overall 16GB ram is more than capable of handling any video game, so in case your device comes with 8GB ram I would suggest adding one more stick of 8GB in an empty slot, overall it also subjective and personal preference you can take your decision yet 32GB would be over skilled for gaming or to run any applications.

Lastly, to conclude on Ram, it is not going to help to increase FPS yet it will make your game quite faster to generate your CPU more processing power it will definitely put a lot of positive impacts.

Can I upgrade my laptop processors?

The Central Processing Unit is another component in your laptop that is essential for running games smoothly, the processing speed is quite more helpful than cores, as most of the games run on a single core making it not a big concern.

Yet the gaming processors have very different functionality than regular processors, the gaming CPUs naturally have powerful TDP with high wattage to manage heavy applications, the big question is whether we can upgrade the laptop processors.

Well unfortunately its quite tough to change this component under your device, as the usual process is to replace the complete motherboard thus it’s not possible and quite costly, I will suggest getting a new gaming rig rather than upgrading the CPU as it is under the budget you will easily get an excellent gaming laptop.

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Hard drive (Storage capacity)

There are high chances your present laptop is equipped with an SSD drive still if you are using an older gaming laptop then check once as a Solid-state drive is a must for keeping the loading system smoother, it not only helps in saving files and data but also opens the computer quickly also loads the images, software faster.

Additionally, gaming laptops intend to consume a lot of energy, and an SSD drive to some extent minimizes the power usage, moreover replace the laptop HDD now, and add SSD to your old laptop this will overall boost the efficiency of your machine, as all the gaming laptops are built with the upgradeable slot.

Moreover, as discussed earlier all the modern gaming laptops do have an SSD drive, so you do not need to change it only implies you update if you are a serious gamer and shortage of space to store multiple games.

Can I upgrade my laptop’s graphics card?

The game relies heavily on the dedicated graphics card, and equally crucial hardware along with the CPU, unfortunately, the video card is assembled with a motherboard that is not removable just lie CPU, so it’s not an easy task to upgrade the graphics card either on a laptop, yet there is the good thing about gaming laptops they have multiple ports to connect external sources.

This function you can utilize smartly by attaching an external GPU to boost gaming FPS, however, you have a few challenges like shortage of stock and also it should be compatible with a laptop CPU, as I discussed earlier you must have the right combination of CPU and GPU to handle your tasks, moreover the d-GPU is quite expensive in the market due to its high demand in the gaming community.

Moreover, the technicians build gaming laptops according to the hardware used, for instance in these types of machines CPU and GPU generate more power than their counterparts and it also heats up as both use the resources.

So high chance your existing device has a cooling system that can handle the GPU power, and in this case, if you are connecting a slightly high-powered video card, it can generate more heat that can harm the durability of the laptop, there are a few tricks you can use to keep it cool during heavy usage you can read our detailed article here.

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Can I replace the laptop’s battery?

Well, if you have decided on upgrading your gaming laptop the above points are enough as a large laptop built with majorly with these 4 parts, apart from these technical features laptop also has a battery this is also replaceable after a certain age as gaming is a heavy process you need to check and compare if the battery is draining faster than usual.

Additionally, gaming laptops do drain the battery faster due to its power packed features so just make sure to compare wisely, in case your machine is still delivering 3 hours of backup during normal usage, its perfectly fine and you do not need to think over changing the battery, overall while playing games or using it for rendering its quite normal for the machine to eat up battery faster.

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How do optimize laptops for gaming?

In this section I will discuss quick tips for optimizing your existing gaming laptop to boost performance, you should try this before deciding on changing the parts or buying a new upgradeable gaming laptop so let us begin.


Connect the external monitor with a gaming laptop

This is the best possible solution for increasing FPS while playing highly optimized graphical games, the previous gaming devices had developed with dedicated GPU but for instance due to a lower refresh rate the laptop does not generate 60FPS, even if the graphics card is capable but refresh rate letting you down then this will solve your problem instantly.

Firstly, checking the frame rate of the display 60hz for the latest games is not very suitable, you can try to attach it with an external monitor that is specially designed for gamers just make sure it has a higher refresh rate than your laptop screen.

The 144hz is possibly the great choice right now, even though you need to spend money but still worth it as it saves a lot of money rather than buying an entirely new set up as it will cost you above 1200 dollars easily whereas monitors are quite budget friendly.


Check the Internet speed:

Have you checked the internet settings in while then its time to examine your internet, now sometimes we think that we have a capable internet connection yet there are multiple users and sources that must be connected to your web, however, try to minimize the number of users or upgrade internet over 100mbps to 200mbps is sufficient for playing games?

 Additionally, even though Wi-Fi is a very user-friendly connection still it works slowly at times, try to connect your laptop with help of RJ45 Lan, yes it will occupy space and restrict you to one place still it will make your gaming experience smoother.


Check your windows settings

This is a very effective method to make your laptop run smoother on your favorite game, most of the time unknowingly we keep applications open that keep running in the background which can also be a reason for lagging your computer.

Always check the windows settings if any unwanted applications running in the background and remove them if not required, it is a proven and good trick for a gaming laptop.


Cleaning and maintenance:

When was the last time you cleaned or check the inner condition of your gaming laptop for a long time right? Well, it’s the right time to check now just take the help of a person who understands the inner components and who knows how to clean a laptop, still, if you are comfortable just do it by yourself it’s not that difficult you will find many videos guide as well.

Additionally also check the thermal paste of the laptop, with long usage sometimes it becomes less effective that generates little heat, as a result, it impacts the performance, the thermal paste is easily available online and offline just make sure to get branded and good quality paste.

Is it worth upgrading your gaming laptops?

The upgradeable gaming laptop is having limitations when it comes to upgrading yet if you do some changes in your laptop’s functionality it is definitely going to benefit you for a longer time as it will also extend the durability.

Though the CPU is not replaceable yet if you extend the ram support, it will definitely give better performance on gaming, also you can try using an external GPU by connecting to your laptop port this will also boost gaming performance but again buying GPU is a little pricey and carefully check the heating condition, you can use software like MSI afterburner to track laptops performance while playing the game.

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