Top 7 Best Laptops for Revit USA 2022- Buyers Guide


If you are an architect or interior designer you must be using the Revit application for your working needs, if the old version of your PC is decline to perform as per your expectations, then you must be thinking of investing in a Revit laptop.

Well, it’s the right idea to spend on the best laptop for Revit, but if you are not aware of the technical features of laptops then you may end up spending either on the wrong device or on the high powered machine, however, it’s true that Revit requires all 4 components to run it smoothly…

Still, things depend on what kind of user you are, if you are a student then you can manage with the slightly low configured device but in case you are a professional and works on very big files then you need solid hardware to work without any lagging issue.

In this article we are shortly going to discuss some of the best laptops for Revit, first, let us discuss Revit system requirements, and later we will go through a quick list of top-rated machines.

Laptop requirements for Revit 

Minimum Requirement:

  • CPU: 10th gene intel core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5600H (Multiple cores must minimum of 6 cores)
  • Ram: 8GB DDR4 with upgradable slot (for basic tasks)
  • GPU: MX-450 2GB OR GTX 1650, 4GB.
  • Storage Capacity: 512GB NVMe SSD (For lower range 256GB SSD is ok but make sure you have an external hard drive)
  • Display size: 14″ to 15.6″ with Full HD resolution.

Recommended requirement:

  • CPU: 10th Gen Intel i7, AMD Ryzen 7 or its equivalents.
  • Ram: 16GB DDR4 with the upgradeable slot.
  • GPU: RTX 3050, 4GB or its equivalents.
  • Storage Capacity: 512GB NVMe SSD.
  • Display size: 15.6″ with Full HD resolution.

Top 7 Best Laptops for Revit 2022

Before going through the list let me tell you that Revit requires a lot of support from the processor, though it highly uses the speed of the CPU yet while rendering the complex files you need Cores support as well, another factor that enhances the performance of Ram you should have ample ram memory support.

And lastly dedicated GPU you definitely should have a video card but you can manage with a moderate GPU especially as a student you do not need to over think, you can go with GTX Nvidia Models, we are also going to cover buying tips in detail so read the full post before taking your decision.

Best laptops

Key Features 

Available On 

Acer Predator Helios 300

CPU 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11800H, 8 cores.
GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB.
Ram 16GB DDR4 upgradable to 32GB.
Storage 512GB SSD with the upgradeable slot.

Lenovo Legion 5

CPU AMD Ryzen 5800H, 8 cores.
GPU Nvidia RTX 3050ti, 4GB
Ram 16GB DDR4 with 3200Mhz.
Storage capacity 512GB NVMe SSD.
Display Full HD 15.6" with 165hz refresh rate.
100% Srgb color gamut.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

CPU AMD Ryzen Ryzen 5900H, 8 cores.
GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB Max-Q.
Ram 16GB DDR4 and storage 1TB SSD.
Display full HD 14" with 144hz refresh rate.
Pantone validated screen.
100% Srgb color gamut.

MSI creator 17

CPU 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900H, 8 cores.
GPU Nvidia RTX 3080, 16GB
Ram 32GB DDR4 and storage capacity 2TB SSD.
Display UHD 17.3” with 120hz refresh rate.
100% srgb color gamut.

Razer Blade 14

CPU AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX, 8 cores.
GPU Nvidia RTX 3070ti, 8GB.
Ram 16GB DDR5 with 4800Mhz.
Storage capacity 1TB PCIe SSD.
Display 14” with 2560 x 1440 resolution.
100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

Acer ConceptD 3 Ezel

CPU 10th gen intel core i7 10750H, 6 cores.
Ram 16GB and storage 512GB NVMe PCIe M.2.
GPU Nvidia GTX 1650 MAX-Q.
Display Full HD 14"

100% sRGB color standards.

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3

CPU AMD Ryzen 5600H, 6 cores.
GPU Nvidia RTX 3050ti, 4GB.
Ram 8GB DDR4 upgradable.
Storage 512GB SSD.
Display full HD 15.6” with 120hz refresh rate.

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1. Acer Predator Helios 300- Best laptop for Revit architecture


Best Laptops for Revit


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If you are someone who has to do a lot of drafting, and drawing plans, and also your work includes rendering then this is the best mid-budget laptop for Revit applications, it also has the latest RTX 30 series GPU, which makes it a pretty good option for engineers and architects.

For running Revit smoothly laptop is equipped with 11th gen intel core i7 11800H, the processor runs with the support of 8 cores, 16 threads deliver maximum frequency up to 4.6Ghz, and base clock speed is 2.3Ghz.

This CPU is an absolute beast when it comes to single and multi-threaded performance allowing you to do a high level of multi-tasking and you can work on heavy designing and planning files smoothly with multiple flooring layers.

It also has a good combination of dedicated graphics cards which helps you during viewing objects in different directions to get the best visual, especially during 3D modeling, the Acer Predator runs on Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB VRAM video card, this is the best graphics card for any other applications such as solid work and AutoCAD.

The laptop has 16GB DDR4 ram with 3200Mhz and 512GB NVMe SSD, the both memory and SSD drives keep the machine’s efficiency smooth, you can save your multiple data in 500GB drive easily and 16GB ram can make things faster while working on 3D designs.

Apart from its amazing features you also get good future up-gradation, this device comes with dual-channel support you can extend the memory up to 32GB, whereas storage capacity too can be extended with help of PCIe M.2 Slots & 1 x 2.5″ Hard Drive.

The display is fairly optimized for designers and gamers at the same time, 15.6” full HD screen has IPS LED-backlit technology, still, the highlight is its 100% Srgb color gamut support, for gaming you get a 144hz frame rate with ultra-quick 3ms response time.

It looks like a very vibrant and colorful laptop and is very attractive especially the 4 zone RGB keyboard gives a very aesthetic look to this machine and the Predator logo also shines, the cooling technology is very well designed to ensure not to overheat during long working hours.

The connectivity is packed with USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2, and USB 3.2 type C supports DisplayPort and thunderbolt, it also comes with mini DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.1 and for internet connectivity, you get RJ45 and wireless connectivity options.

Key Features:

  • CPU 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11800H, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 upgradable to 32GB.
  • Storage 512GB SSD with the upgradeable slot.
  • 4 zone RGB keyboard.
  • Screen refresh rate 144hz, Response time 3ms.
  • Predator sense technology.
  • Excellent cooling system.
  • Good ports support Thunderbolt 4.


  • Fans are loud.
  • Decent speakers.


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2. Lenovo Legion 5 – Mid-budget best laptop to run Revit.


Best Laptops for Revit


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Now though the Acer predator is a mid-budget option yet not everyone can afford to spend on the best laptop for Revit, in case your requirement is slightly below then this Lenovo legion is the next possible option for running Revit applications smoothly.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050ti, 4GB with GDDR6 graphics memory is still a very nice option for working on heavy 3D designs, as you can use it quite effectively for zooming in the building visuals without any lag or crash while working on important projects.

This laptop is powered by AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with impressive frequency at regular 3.20Ghz and clocks maximum up to 4.40Ghz, this CPU comes with 8 cores and 16 threads which is going to help you during rendering.

It runs on 16GB DDR4 ram which is a pretty powerful option for running this Autodesk software, also you can do a high level of multi-tasking while working on your 3D modeling projects, the 512GB SSD drive supports loading your applications rapidly and 512GB is ample space to keep back up of designs.

The 15.6” Full HD IPS screen with 100% srgb color standards lets you push your creative mind with its amazing visual presence, its fully optimized for gamers as the screen panel can deliver excellent responsive images with 3ms response time, 165hz frame rate with Dolby vision support and free sync technology you will never experience any stuttering on screen.

It is integrated with a 60whr battery giving decent battery back up on normal use, however, the rendering may consume battery faster, the overall laptop looks very simple and professional rather the gaming so you can easily carry it for professional meetings or while submitting your work to client.

Key Features:

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 5800H, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3050ti, 4GB
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 with 3200Mhz.
  • Storage capacity 512GB NVMe SSD.
  • Display Full HD 15.6″ with 165hz refresh rate.
  • 100% Srgb color gamut.
  • Free sync technology.
  • Good quality 4 Zone RGB keyboard.
  • Good cooling system.


  • The laptop is heavy.


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3. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14- Best laptop for Bim Modelling. 


Best Laptops for Revit


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The Asus ROG Zephyrus is a stunning option for those who have big concerns overweight of the machine, however, this is a gaming device yet the Zephyrus models are specially designed for professionals and students who have constant outdoors traveling as weight is only 3.64 pounds.

It is designed for ultra-smooth working such as designing so it’s another best laptop for Revit and AutoCAD, as this laptop runs on a pretty solid and overpowered CPU from AMD, it is equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor.

This CPU has 8 cores and 16 threads, the Ryzen 5900H CPU comes with a fast speed at regular you get 3.1Ghz and at maximum, it clocks up to 4.60Ghz, which is pretty solid for applications such as Revit as you can draft, draw your floor and building with multiple layers easily and also 8 cores make sure to render complex scenes efficiently.

With Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, 6GB graphics card you can expect to use it for 3D MAX designs; however, it has a MAX-Q design which has less power still a good option for the viewport, and most importantly due to less power consumption it enhances the battery life of the machine.

With the 16GB DDR4 ram with 3200Mhz frequency, you can enjoy the seamless performance while using heavy applications the highlight of this laptop is its storage capacity it offers 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD great choice for professional who has to save heavy files in their system.

To make it portable and lightweight Asus designed this machine with a Full HD 14” screen with IPS level technology it delivers outstanding color accuracy thanks to 100% Srgb color space and Pantone validated support, the screen comes with anti-glare technology gives comfort to your eyes.

Moreover, the look and design of the laptop are very different than some of the other machines in its range, looks very sophisticated and the keyboard has very good responsive keys, the lacking point of the device is there is no webcam so you have to manage separately.

Though the video card uses less power yet there is no compromise on-screen frame rate as you get a vibrant and fast 144hz refresh rate that let you play games fairly in good space, overall, it’s the best laptop for skilled work like editing and designing.

Key features:

  • CPU AMD Ryzen Ryzen 5900H, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB Max-Q.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 and storage 1TB SSD.
  • Display full HD 14″ with 144hz refresh rate.
  • Pantone validated screen.
  • 100% Srgb color gamut.
  • Lightweight laptop.
  • Good battery life.


  • No webcam.


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4. MSI creator 17 – High powered Revit lapotp. 



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The MSI creator laptop is another great choice for professional who works on heavy applications, this one comes with super powerful components that can make you rely on it for performance while working on Revit.

This laptop runs on an 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900H processor with 8 cores and 16 threads you can enjoy the highest speed up to 4.9Ghz, this Intel processor is pretty much powerful enough to give you strong support on large 3D designs, additionally, it also makes rendering incredibly faster.

The MSI Laptop boasts with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 video card with 16GB size and GDDR6 graphics memory, it’s an overpowered GPU that increases the performance while rendering complex scenes and the dedicated GPU helps while zooming, rotating the 3D designs on your computer.

Overall RTX 3080 GPU has a maximum power of up to 95 watts with a dynamic boost the maximum speed frequency can reach up to 1365Mhz, To make it faster and to boost your performance laptop runs on 32GB DDR4 ram you do not have to upgrade it in coming years as it is more than enough for ultra level multi-tasking.

And a huge storage capacity of up to 2TB NVMe SSD gives enough space for storing your heaviest data and software, you can take back up your work easily, also SSD loads everything at blistering space ensuring high-quality productivity.

The highlight of this laptop is its display, which comes with UHD pixel support you get a large 17.3” screen size and 100% Srgb color gamut throwing vibrant and true colors while working on your designs, this UHD resolution helps you to see the smallest details for creating designs makes it best creator laptop.

It is integrated with a 4-cell 99.9 WHr battery that will easily give you about 5-7 hours of battery during regular use, also the in-built 6 heat pipes and 3 fans keep the machine under very acceptable temperatures during rendering and working on 3D modeling.

The overall laptop looks pretty nice, the keyboard keys are very user-friendly also on the connectivity front it has a Thunderbolt 4 port, and for online meetings, it is built-in with a 720p resolution web camera.

Key Features:

  • CPU 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900H, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3080, 16GB
  • Ram 32GB DDR4 and storage capacity 2TB SSD.
  • Display UHD 17.3” with 120hz refresh rate.
  • 100% srgb color gamut.
  • Good battery life.
  • Good cooling system.
  • Inbuilt webcam.
  • Thunderbolt 4 connectivity.


  • Expensive laptop.
  • Weight is 5.40 lbs.
  • No 4-zone RGB keyboard.


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5. Razer Blade 14- Lightweight laptop to run Revit.



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If the above MSI laptop is not within your budget frame then you can also consider this latest laptop from Razer blade, it’s still a bit costly yet it is integrated with super-powerful hardware that gives an incredibly fast processing system for designing software.

It highlights with pretty cool looks, the Razer logo shines also very compact build quality gives longer use, the hinges are solid and laptop do not wobble and it’s the most lightweight option in our list only weighs 1.78kgs.

This laptop runs on the latest AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor, this CPU has 8 cores, 16 threads & 20MB cache, it enjoys a base clock speed 3.3Ghz and maximum boosts up to 4.90Ghz, the AMD CPU is incredibly fast and efficient it will run everything you throw at it, as it has superb performance on both single and multi-thread.

The Razer laptop is integrated with 16GB ram memory but this is not all, this ram is built-in with the latest DDR5 technology that gives the ultra-fast speed up to 4800Mhz, overall, it can give you PC-like performance making it the best laptop for Revit and Lumion.

Moreover, there is no detailing of ram upgradability for the future yet the combination of memory and CPU helps users to work on heavy 3D design smoothly, saving you huge working data it uses 1TB PCIe SSD.

On the graphics front too laptop adds a lot of value as this laptop comes with dedicated Nvidia RTX 3070ti, 8GB GDDR6 VRAM that has 5888 CUDA core, this video Chip is the latest and recommended for heavy work, RTX 3070ti gives a solid performance during viewport.

This laptop features with 14” IPS type display having 2560 x 1440 resolution, you can see the smallest details easily, 100% DCI-P3 color space delivers far better color accuracy and a 165hz frame rate panel lets you enjoy graphics-intensive games.

The cooling system is of high standards as under this laptop razer uses a vapor chamber cooling system that keeps the machine pretty cool during the heavy workflow and as per brand laptop delivers 10 hours battery backup suitable for outdoor use.

The overall laptop is very thin and the micro-edge side bezels display gives wide visuals, and it is built-in with a high-quality webcam that comes with 1080p resolution you can use it for client meetings and presentation of your work online.

Key Features:

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3070ti, 8GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR5 with 4800Mhz.
  • Storage capacity 1TB PCIe SSD.
  • Display 14” with 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  • 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.
  • Excellent webcam support.
  • Ultra-light and thin gaming laptop.


  • No ram upgradability details.


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6. Acer ConceptD 3 Ezel- Touch screen laptop for Revit.


Best Laptops for Revit


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This Acer creator laptop is one of the cheap creator laptops for Revit on our list as a large number of creator laptops are pretty much above budget, but Acer is one brand that makes low-range laptops for creativity and productivity.

It is powered by 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H, the CPU features with Hexa Core support make your rendering performance decent and the base speed of 2.6ghz with max clock speed up to 5.0Ghz ensures your workflow is smooth while drawing and drafting.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, 4GB GDDR6 graphics card is still a good option if you are limited with your budget, as a 4GB video card is useful for viewport tasks, moreover, 16GB DDR4 ram and 512GB NVMe SSD give good multi-tasking performance on designing software.

This touch screen 14” Full HD resolution panel comes with anti-glare technology; the panel has 100% sRGB color gamut and Pantone validated screen delvers good vibrant and accurate colors, additionally, there is a stylus usable for designing and also helps during presentations.

The screen brightness is 340nits you can use it in outdoor conditions, overall its quite portable weight is only 1.67kgs and the build quality is sturdy with string hinges you can adjust the laptop in multiple positions for comfortable use.

Key features

  • CPU 10th gen intel core i7 10750H, 6 cores.
  • Ram 16GB and storage 512GB NVMe PCIe M.2.
  • GPU Nvidia GTX 1650 MAX-Q.
  • Display Full HD 14 inches with 100% sRGB color standards.
  • Pantone validated.
  • Good quality keyboard.
  • Thunderbolt connectivity support.
  • SD card reader and fingerprint reader.


  • Small screen.


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7. Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3- Cheap laptop for Revit.



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This Lenovo model is a cheap laptop for Revit on our list as it is configured with a good Hexa core processor and at such an affordable budget offering you RTX 30 model video card from Nvidia, so let us discuss it in detail.

This laptop runs on an AMD Ryzen 5600H processor with 6 cores and 12 threads, the HEXA core CPU performs decently during rendering, in fact, the speed of the device to ensures smoother working at regular it generates 3.20Ghz and maximum clocks up to 4.20Ghz.

Overall CPU has good scores while testing, with single cores above 1300pts and multi-cores hits easily above 9500-10000pts, making it the best possible option for students and beginners as it will also be used for 2D design and basic 3D modeling.

Under this machine Lenovo added RTX 3050ti, 4GB GDDR6 graphics card, this is a pretty cool option, you can use multiple angles while using the viewport after drafting and drawing your modules, for the gaming screen panel gives a decent frame rate due to the 120hz refresh rate.

It is integrated with 8G DDR4 ram with 3200Mhz speed, the laptop also gives an upgradeability option in case you can add an extra stick suggest you enlarge the memory support, it will boost overall performance while using heavy software.

The laptop comes with a dual-slot system that is great for enhancing efficiency, on the storage front, it also stands out as it is equipped with 512GB NVMe SSD to save your all data and it also loads the windows quickly.

The battery life gives decent back up around 3-4 hours on regular use, build quality is good still, it has little flex on the top lid but again in this range it’s acceptable, and the keyboard is quite nicely built you get single while color backlit keyboard and keys are user friendly you will enjoy the typing on it.

The 15.6” screen comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and IPS technology gives decent vibrant visuals on the display panel, anti-glare coating keeps your eyes comfortable during long hours and screen brightness up to 250 nits is acceptable in economical pricing.

Key Features:

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 5600H, 6 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3050ti, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 upgradable.
  • Storage 512GB SSD.
  • Display full HD 15.6” with 120hz refresh rate.
  • Good backlit keyboard.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Little heavy.
  • Average color accuracy.


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Buying guide for the best laptop for Revit

Best Laptops for Revit

The Revit software release by Autodesk is largely used by software professionals like interior designers or architects to draft and plan their buildings, and floors.

However, to run Revit on the laptop you must have proper resources otherwise your device will slow down, and a high chance of the application crashing during usage.

We have discussed some of the best laptops for Revit above now let’s understand the features you must have so you can do all tasks smoothly.

Purpose of your work

Not everyone can afford to get an above 1000 dollars laptop, and a large number of users will have a low-range budget, before choosing the laptop you must know what is your Purpose.

Yes, you are going to use Revit, but not everyone works on heavy files though the minimum file size of your work is going to be around 30MB to above 500MB, in which segment do you fall that you need to see before making your decision.

If you have just begun your career as a student you can manage most of your tasks with a moderate laptop for around 700 to 900 dollars just you have to make sure your device has a good combination of processor, graphics card ram, and ample storage space.

For professional users working data is going to be heavy, for instance here you should think about raising your budget for smoother working yet there are quite good options nowadays in mid-budget from 900 to 1200, now let us begin with a few important pointers about Revit laptop.



The Revit software depends a lot on the laptops processor, at large it uses the processing power of the machine but the number of cores matters especially during rendering which is the complex task you throw at your device, so you should have a good combination of CPU speed and cores in the system, CPU speed which measures in Ghz your processor must have minimum 4.0Ghz.

IF you are tight budget or in case looking for a student laptop then the AMD Ryzen 5600H processor is a great choice for running Revit software as it will give you good performance during basic 3D designs and in a very low range, it offers you 6 cores that are decently enough to run rendering on your device.

However, for professionals and for users who have a budget above 1000 dollars, you have some great choices to make from both Intel and AMD, still, to get a good CPU from Intel you might have to stretch your budget to 1200 or above, you will get 11th gen intel core i7 with 8 cores which is pretty powerful CPU to draw, draft and render your complex scenes.

A few options in mid-budget you can have such as Intel Core i7-10750H and AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, all of these are capable of handling your tasks smoothly, overall Intel and AMD both have excellent CPU for rendering but all depends on your spending power.


Graphics card

Though Revit is manageable with basic video card support yet while working on heavy projects, you need a bit of a dedicated graphics card, as you can use it to view your drawings in different ways as a graphics card acts as a separate tool in your laptop, so you should not avoid this component while choosing the best laptop for Revit.

The Nvidia is the most popular brand in the market especially for laptops you have huge collections, another option is AMD but very limited models we have to choose, also Nvidia is economical in budget and performs excellently.

For students minimum 2GB graphics card is a must but if you have the option of Nvidia GTX 1650, 1650ti in a similar budget then you must go with the Nvidia GTX model.

As it will become future proof and it will also be useful after completion of schools, moreover professionals can also use GTX 1650 in case low budget otherwise RTX 3050 or its equivalents are pretty strong GPU for Revit.

Note: If you have to do a lot of rendering stuff then you must consider a good laptop as on lower range machines rendering will be slower and the device will run slowly due to extra pressure, for instance, an RTX graphics card with a powerful CPU you must have to do all your work on Revit.


Ram Memory:

The ram stores the files and data temporarily while you are operating the system so there is no compromise on memory, it also helps the processor in some way to work fast and efficiently.

If you work on light files then 8GB is decent yet 16GB is recommended for Revit as you never know what kind of assignments and projects you will get in the future, additionally, if you work on 3D modeling and design then no option you must have 16GB memory.


Storage capacity

Another factor that is essential while looking out for a decent device, is its storage capacity as a professional you have to store heavy files and its backups a lot additionally windows also takes space and other software such as photoshop, Revit or AutoCAD also needs space.

In this case, large storage capacity is a must however if you have spent on the above 3 elements and now you are tight on spending then you can go with a minimum 512GB SSD and can keep an extra hard drive to save your other data, moreover, the SSD is always preferred as it loads everything faster that increases your productivity.


Display size and quality 

Now the Full HD resolution is pretty much fine on screen, for decent screen accuracy you must have IPS display in case you cannot spend on 100% srgb color standards, screen size I would highly recommend 15.6 screens.

If you are a traveler or have to attend a lot of meetings then a 14” screen is ok but not lower than 14 inches, there are machines available with a 17” screen but it becomes very heavy which takes a little burden on your back while carrying if your work at one place the 17” is always going to give superb viewing experience during designing.



Frequently asked questions


Do I need a workstation laptop for Revit?

A workstation laptop is definitely great for running heavy applications as it includes a highly-skilled CPU with dedicated GPU, high memory, and an SSD drive, overall it ticks all requirements for Revit.

Still, it’s quite expensive and honestly, you have many great choices on creditor laptops, especially from MSI you can get these in the range of 1700 to 2500 dollars.

This is a pretty good choice instead of a workstation, if you are spending a high budget then make sure the below specs as you deserve such a high configured laptop in such a budget.

  • CPU: Intel or AMD processor with octa-core support and max speed 4.5Ghz or above.
  • Ram: 32GB DDR4 (Try to go with 64GB if available in range) also note that recently DDR5 technology ram was released in the market in this case 16GB will be fine just to ensure it has an upgradability slot for future.
  • GPU: From RTX 3070ti to 3080ti (RTX 3060; 6GB is decent option)
  • Storage capacity: 1TB to 2TB SSD.
  • Display: 15.6″ with larger screen resolution probably QHD or UHD with excellent color accuracy.

Note: this specification is only for those who are willing to spend on the expensive laptops for Revit.


Are Gaming laptops good for Revit?

Yes, gaming laptops can run Revit quite efficiently, in fact, the gaming machine is largely preferred by the engineers and architects, simply because it has a powerful processor to handle heavy tasks, and more importantly, every gaming laptop comes with a dedicated GPU that helps a lot on creative software.

 Though the battery life is pretty average in gaming rigs yet there are few thin gaming laptops that offer good battery backup, also portability used to be a big issue for many users but technology has evolved a lot over the years and we have laptops that are lightweight specially made for creators.


Which graphics card is best for Revit?

For lower files GTX 1650, 4GB graphics card is a top-rated option for Revit, it will also handle 3D designs if you have strong processors, however, if you do not want to compromise on the performance you should go with RTX 3060, 6GB graphics card.


How much ram do I need for Revit?

The 8GB is the minimum you must have but this is for beginners or students, as professional you may have to work on largest projects so 16GB is the best possible option, this is not a big concern as modern most of the laptops do come with the expandable memory slot.

You can try with 8GB and later can increase the memory if needed but make sure to double-check if the laptop has an upgradability minimum of up to 16GB.  


Which is better for Revit Intel or AMD?

Both processors are good if it meets the requirement to tackle Revit software, however, users who are looking for a budget laptop for Revit should go with AMD Ryzen 5600H processor has Hexa cores and speed and also delivers good workflow.

Moreover, if you are ready to spend then Intel has a pretty powerful processor, you can read our detailed discussion above as we have covered both possible options on processors while covering buying tips.


Final words:

We have discussed every possible option with the best laptop for Revit, overall performance determines all 4 components that are processing speed with multiple cores, ram, video card, and an SSD drive.

You should not leave anything yet moderate graphics card is something you can use but on other 3 hardware, you should be careful as its a long term investment additionally the display size with its quality matters for comfort as you will be spending hours in front of the panel with a lot of concentration.

I am sure this article help you to set up a laptop for running Revit if you have any queries post your comments below our team will be happy to guide you.

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