Are gaming laptops good for school in 2022? (All you want to know)


The school and college years are one of the best times of our lives and as a youngster, we all like to play video games, especially during the breaks students likes to spend time on their favorite games if you are one of them you must have thought over Are gaming laptops good for school?

Additionally, there is a section of students who want a rugged laptop to run demanding software and applications, they too have doubt over gaming laptops, well the quick answer is Yes gaming laptop is worth buying for school and college as it performs efficiently you can do your daily task easily.

However, as a student, you have to think over many things as gaming laptop has their pros and cons that you must consider, the high-end features are not the only thing that makes you choose a laptop, so let us discuss Are gaming laptops good for college and school?

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Are gaming laptops good for school in 2022

Are gaming laptops good for school

Do you really need a gaming laptop?

The gaming laptops are furnished with strong processing power that operates the heaviest task smoothly though a lot depends on in-built hardware and requirement of your games or profession still it definitely way efficient than standard laptops, the objective of your schooling is very important when deciding between gaming laptops vs normal laptops.

If you are a student who just has to take notes and make presentations, and web browse so all this task is manageable on business laptops you do not need a gaming rig as all this work does not require a heavy loading system besides you can play casual games like ROBLOX and Minecraft.

Furthermore, the students who are learning to engineer where you have to run software like Revit, solid work or you are into architecture then you must consider gaming gig as these are very demanding tasks where you need not only processing power but also graphics card, moreover the gaming machine is also essential for latest games like Cyberpunk, GTA5 or warzone.

So now you must have a clear idea about whether you need the best laptop for gaming and school, it’s time now to get into detailing Are gaming laptops good for school? Let’s begin…

High-end processing system

The gaming laptops are the best in terms of their processing system, which makes them a better choice for faster results when compared to other types of laptops, it is a kind of mini desktop as it does not exceed the efficiency of a desktop but it’s definitely great option after desktop computers.

Overall due to its powerful processing power, you can do all your computing tasks smoothly, this especially helps during lectures you can work on multiple tabs, take notes and also run other applications in the background simentenusly.

Moreover, what makes the gaming laptop stands out for school is that you can play most of the games even if you have lower range machine, you can play the latest games at lower settings so if you are a game lover, it’s a treat for you, however, you must remember that every game has certain requirements to run smoothly so selecting right features is a must.

Another factor that gaming laptops make a smart pick for you for playing games is a strong processor these are built-in with dedicated graphics cards which means you get a separate GPU that gives you more power to run heavy graphical tasks.

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Excellent device for portability:

The biggest reason why a gaming laptop is an ultimate choice for school and college students is its portability definitely gaming rigs give more comfort than desktop PC’s as you can carry them anywhere with you in lectures on business trips.

For instance, these are a little bulkier than other notebooks laptops which is understandable, as manufacturers use multiple components to make sure you get the maximum performance out of it and these devices are made with better quality materials making them a robust machine for rough use.


Versatility and better gaming performance:

Most gamers still prefer consoles to play video games but in case you like to explore different games and do not want to stick to one particular game, then gaming laptops are preferable over gaming consoles as the windows operating system allows you to get many games.

The manufacturers have come up with a lot of upgradability in terms of specification in gaming rigs, in the market today there are very powerful machines used for work such as live streaming in fact you can also stream your games.

The laptop for gaming comes with a lot of connectivity ports that you can use to connect to external devices for playing games on big monitors and data transferring is very fast as it has a faster SSD drive that keeps everything smooth and efficient.

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Battery life

As a student, this is the biggest factor for you, especially for those who carry laptops in school and colleges for taking notes or submitting your assignments but the biggest disadvantage of having a gaming laptop is poor battery performance.

You can not rely entirely on the machine for a longer period of time as even in normal use laptop consumes a lot of battery and drains fast than other laptop options, you can get anything between 3-4 hours of battery back depending on usage.

However, there are thin and light gaming laptops available that give better battery life but you can not call them complete gaming laptop as they have an underclocked graphics card that is suitable for creators or students who wants the laptop to run heavy applications.

But for serious gamers and to play modern games at high settings, it’s not ideal for your need, you can read our detailed article on a gaming laptop with the best battery life here to know more about bestselling machines.


Screen size: 

The screen sizes in gaming laptops available between 14″ to 17″ it’s very limited when you compare to monitors where there are the largest screens you get above 30″

For instance, the biggest difference between regular machines and gaming rigs, the screen refresh rate is higher in gaming as you need to see visuals faster to play games basically it is optimized for video play.

Moreover, you can set it up according to your working needs as most of the manufacturers provide in-built software to change the frame rate settings while not playing games and keep it at 60hz, this option lags in notebooks.

Overall the conclusion is desktop has more versatility to choose from screen size whereas the screen refresh rate is better for gaming than a normal laptop for daily use, there are also gaming monitors available in the market that are specially designed for gaming and suitable for school.

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Lack of Upgradability:

The gaming laptops do not offer you multiple upgradability options like you have the luxury on a desktop, though the modern laptops do come with an extendibility feature for ram and SSD storage still lack the option to upgrade their CPU and video card.

This is a particularly big criterion in your decision-making as a student just for example and computer engineering student you can manage with slightly lower specs but once you graduate from college and you want to use it for a professional level of engineering you need better hardware to run applications.

From a gaming point of view too it becomes challenging if the new game is released and your laptop does not match the requirements then you are stuck with a CPU and GPU that might play the game but not at the high settings or it will run pretty slow.


Cooling technology 

The manufacturers have to fit all the hardware + battery in the smallest place, the laptop does intend to heat up, this is actually normal in gaming machines yet if it overheats then it becomes a serious issue and can damage the durability of the laptop and it also affects the performance.

However, the desktops are slightly better do not overheat, the desktops have large space that keeps airflow smooth, and the normal temperature in gaming gigs is between 70 to 85 degrees, however, this is the drawback in gaming laptops that you must keep in mind while purchasing gaming laptops, if you want to know more about gaming laptop with the best cooling system you can read detail post here.



The brands make these types of machines that give a very vibrant look to your setup, the aesthetic design keeps your gameplay motivated, though there are few models that look quite simple such as Lenovo Ideapad 3 gaming laptops if you are not a fan of very funky looking designs you can go with professional designs.

The keyboard too made with pretty solid material, for a budget above 1000 dollars we have a 4 zones RGB keyboard looks very attractive and also allows you to work late nights in darker areas easily.


Budget and price

The gaming machines are pretty expensive than regular laptops in fact even the Desktop is cheaper, however, let me give you an overview if you looking for a basic laptop to run light games you need to spend at least 650 dollars to 1000 dollars.

In this range you will get options in graphics card GTX 1650, 1650ti, and 1660ti, moreover, stretch your budget a little over 750 dollars and you can get RTX 3050 GPU which is the best deal for budget gaming, moreover, for future proof games, you need RTX 3060, 3070 to 3080ti.

The RTX 3060 laptops are available for above 1200 dollars, whereas RTX 3070 or above you must spend a minimum of 2000 dollars to above, these all are suitable to run the latest games and heavy tasks such as 3D modeling and rendering, if you want you to want to read buying guide on gaming laptop we have written detail post click here to read about buying guide.


Final words and conclusion:

So we have discussed all the points on Are gaming laptops good for school? the final words are as far as performance is concerned you will have no issues for the daily tasks you can do it easily however if you like to play modern games then features and specifications to matters a lot, so always check the system requirements either for games or to run any applications.

The battery life is where you have to compromise as due to high-end hardware it consumes battery fast, also when compared to other laptops they are quite heavy so it is not the entirely the most portable suggestion for students,  overall its definitely worth gaming machine if you have any query post your comments we will be happy to guide you. 


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