Are gaming laptops good for programming 2022-(Pros & Cons)


Topic: are gaming laptops good for programming?

Tech professionals and students require laptops to run the programming language and applications, this is one career where the laptop is always preferred over a desktop, simply due to its portability and ease of use.

The gaming laptops become a top priority for programs and gamers, as in free space you can play the games, the gaming machine is always optimized with high power that gives an efficient and smooth experience during usage than other laptops.

It is definitely more than capable of handling your programming work, as it is developed with strong CPU and GPU processing support, additionally the coding enthusiastic requires ram memory support.

As some of the applications use the memory resources to run smoothly, additionally the SSD is equipped with fast uploading and booting systems making the gaming laptop good for programming.

Moreover, not only performance you must have a few other expectations from the laptop such as portability, budget, and battery life, we will discuss them all in detail below let us go through system requirements for programmers and a detailed buying guide.

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Are gaming laptops good for programming?

Minimum Laptop Requirements 

  • CPU: 10th gen intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 (4 cores and 3.0Ghz speed) 
  • Ram: 8GB DDR4 with upgradable option up to 16-32GB
  • Storage capacity: 256GB SSD drive.
  • Graphics card: Integrated graphics card. 
  • Display size: 13″ to 14″ with Full HD resolution.
  • Battery life: 5 hours or above.

Recommended laptop requirements

  • CPU: Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 (6 cores and 3.5Ghz speed) 
  • Ram: 16GB DDR4 with upgradable option up to 32GB
  • Storage capacity: 512GB SSD drive.
  • Graphics card: Integrated graphics card. (To play games 4GB GPU for basic games and 6GB is recommended for the latest video games.
  • Display size: 15.6″ with Full HD resolution.
  • Battery life: 5-7 hours or above.

Our Quick Overview on gaming laptops for programming

Even the average gaming laptop released within 4-5 years span easily meets the all the required specification, you can smoothly run almost all ide frameworks, another advantage of gaming laptop for programming you can utilize it to run as a server machine, moreover if you are into machine learning it’s the most powerhouse option for such intensive task.

It is equipped with a minimum of 4GB dedicated video card that adds a lot of value while using software like photoshop, overall gaming laptop at not any point will lag from a technical performance point of view but there are a few flaws you will have to sacrifice in a gaming laptop.

Moreover, there are other non-gaming laptops that are too suitable for programming and coding language, especially MacBook air or pro models are very popular among coders, but they are quite an expensive base variant starting from around 900 dollars, and this range you will easily get machine suitable for playing games.

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Is gaming laptops good for programming in 2022

Are gaming laptops good for programming

In this section we will go through step by step on each point to understand all the aspects so you can take a proper decision on which laptop you must choose; this is applicable for both working professional and students who is learning to code or aspire to be a programmer.

A high processing system makes work smooth:

For programmers, this is a very tricky and confusing situation, especially while going with lower-end models, but when it comes to gaming laptops you do not need to worry much as a modern machine released within 2-3 years gives all the specs one programmer can think of.

For instance, there are many things involved while picking up the right CPU support to run your applications like what kind of developer you are, it matters a lot but overall, 4 cores and 8 threads are essential with a minimum speed 3.0Ghz is a must.

However, this is easily available on gaming laptops, you can easily get a laptop that has a budget of around 650 dollars to 1000 dollars, in this range the above requirements are fulfilled easily, and you can do software development and also use it for visual studio.

If you are a heavy user and have to work on multiple applications with a lot of tabs opened I would highly suggest 6 cores CPU, in this case, AMD Ryzen models are a flexible option for lower-budget programmers.

Overall gaming laptops’ processor has the capability to deliver great performance, as although these are underclocked when compared to their desktop counterparts but the processing power easily beats the laptops that are meant for daily usage.

Ram memory is crucial in programming

The ram is a very important element in programming and for gaming as well, for modern games, 16GB is recommended for fast-paced performance while playing video games, but if your top priority is programming then requirements depend on what you do between JAVA and python.

Additionally to test virtual machines or you want to use the machine as the server then the device must have strong support from memory as these are ram Hungary tasks.

Moreover, for Python programmers, 8GB is enough to handle all your tasks, but if you work on heavy applications like JAVA or into game design coding then 16GB is something is required, the gaming laptops do come with an upgradable option between 16GB to 64GB so in this case, you can test machine at the initial stage and later can extend the memory.


Do you need a graphics card for programming?

The programming and coding are not related to any graphics-intensive task, there is no big issue if you do not have a separate GPU, however, there is a big misconception in the market that to run a virtual machine or visual studio you must have a video card support.

However, it will definitely help you to generate more power on the virtual system but overall, it’s pretty much a CPU and Ram Hungary task, furthermore for game developers there are high chances you also have to test, so in this case, high and efficient GPU makes work smoother.

Lastly, there are a few programmers who also like to do little video editing and of course, for gaming, you require a dedicated graphics card to run the video games, overall picking up a graphics card depends on which game you play, you can also read our buying guide on cool gaming laptop set up here.


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Which windows OS is good for Programming?

The windows 10 operating system is by far the best for programmers, for instance, this is a very large complex topic when it comes to windows vs Mac, I have also written Is MacBook air good for programming? you can read to know in detail why Mac is preferable to windows by programmers.

The Mac provides a lot of flexibility in usage of different platforms you can operate windows and coders’ favorite operating systems on Mac, but unfortunately, there is no scope to run mac on windows laptops, another reason to go for Mac if you are an android developer or works X-Code then you have to go for Apple laptops.

However, the user who is considering a machine that will support playing games and running programming applications, for them sadly there are no large options for the MacBook as windows are dominating there are huge collection of video games.

Overall, it pretty much comes to priority and here I am not saying that windows are not an ideal option in fact to date there is a huge number of programming professionals and students who use windows as not everyone can afford to spend on expensive laptops, Apple Mac is not suitable for playing games you can do basic gaming but not meant for modern games.


Hard Drive and storage capacity:

There are not many applications you have where you need large space, this makes gaming laptops in the cheaper range best laptops for programming, however, you need to spend 650 to 800 bugs to get a dedicated gaming machine to play basic games for the latest titles you must have a purse of above 1200 dollars.

The 256GB SSD is decent for saving all the applications, though 500GB is recommended for longer use and if you edit videos or into game development then the requirement will vary depending on the situation, overall 500GB space is what you aim for longevity purposes.

The SSD has become mainstream and taken over its HDD counterparts, and always recommend SSD for the rapid loading system, the faster speed and efficiency are key to the success of programmers that should not be compromised at any cost.

Lastly, though HDD  is budget-friendly and offers large storage space, SSD is what must now day, simply due to its faster speed and most importantly it increases the battery life of the laptop, as it takes lesser time to read and write the data.


Screen size and quality:

The entire time coding and programming professionals spend in front of a screen can strain your eyes if you do not pay attention to its screen size and quality, luckily gaming laptops have incredibly large sizes and better quality than their counterparts, as gaming requires a large screen to play games easily.

The 13” is the least you can consider for coding purposes but when it comes to gaming devices you will get options from 14” to 17”, the 14-screen size machine is a little expensive but the screen size from 15” to 17” has huge collections, the 15.6” is definitely recommended as these are portable and enough to write code.

The quality is another factor that does not overlook the Full HD resolution with anti-glare technology is decent, you do not necessarily need QHD resolution, overall if your work is on the go and portability is not compromised then choose a smaller screen but do not go below 13” screen in your laptop.


User-friendly keyboard:

The build quality of the keyboard in gaming laptops is highly optimized for playing games, so brands and manufacturers have to make a user-friendly interface to type with ease.

However, another advantage of having a gaming laptop is you surely get a backlit keyboard that allows users to operate under any conditions, as a programmer you can utilize it smartly as you have to use the keyboard to type code for long hours continuously.


Build quality and design:

The regular laptops do come with good quality build material but gaming rigs are slightly stronger in built than their counterparts, as these are meant for more rough use, therefore, laptops are equipped with high-quality material, moreover, the budget gaming rigs are made with plastic but high-quality durable Abs plastic ensures long use.

The design is quite funky and decorative in gaming machines, this can be a little worry for professionals as if you carry it for meetings then it can look weird at the time, still, its personal preference so it depends on you, moreover, there are Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3 and HP pavilion gaming laptops that are more look like a professional machine then gaming.


Battery life:

The biggest drawback with gaming laptops is they are pretty average perfumer when it comes to their battery life, almost all the laptops on average deliver about 3 hours of battery life which is very low.

This is the reason why many programmers prefer regular laptops instead of gaming, however thin and lightweight devices are available that gives better backup on battery yet it’s not as good as other types of laptops.


Budget and price:

The budget is a concern for students mostly as they are relying on parents to spend on laptops, and to be honest, every student wants to get a gaming laptop so they can lay games and do their work smoothly, the gaming laptops are slightly more expensive than desktop and business laptops.

As discussed above though brands have cut down the prices on gaming rigs yet you must spend a capacity above 650-900 dollars to get a decent machine and to run heavy games 1200-1500 dollars is a must.

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Final words:

So here it is I have covered many important aspects to make you understand are gaming laptops good for programming? the overall conclusion is gaming laptops do perform faster and it’s quite a powerful option, especially for virtual machines or JAVA developers.

Another thing that you must consider is the flexibility of the operating system as in windows you can not have the luxury to get Mac support which is also important as a developer.

However, with strong processing support, you have drawbacks as well the battery life and portability are something where you need to compromise otherwise overall gaming laptops are totally worth it for programming and coding.

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